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5 Proven LinkedIn Headlines Modifications That Will Bring Results

LinkedIn is by far the biggest platform for employment opportunities and B2B sales prospecting. It has 660 million users worldwide, all trying to make the most of the service. While people around the world have been using it for professional (B2B) networking, businesses and sales professionals have realized its potential for sales growth. The connections made on LinkedIn make it an invaluable platform for businesses, employers, and job seekers.

The best way to make your LinkedIn activity to gain more attention is to make yourself visible. Large amounts of people visiting your profile and the number of searches you appear in is an accurate way to assess your visibility. The more visible and easier to find, the more likely you will receive connection requests, follows, and messages.

Engagement with other LinkedIn users and companies is crucial for your success, regardless of your overall goals. Remember that it is your profile that determines your visibility on LinkedIn, so the more polished the profile, the more chances you getting more connection requests with people. One of the most important parts of your profile is the headline. This is your way to catch someone's attention when they visit your profile. Depending on the quality of that headline, it can make or break your LinkedIn branding.

5. Bragging & Exaggeration

Being dishonest in your headline is probably a great way to turn prospects off. Less is more, but being honest is key when it comes to adding your headline. Your headline must be clear and concise. Don't talk about you, talk about them. Talk about who you typically work with and what you have to offer them.

4. Shine Like a Diamond

Your headline should be your primary selling point. It’s the only thing separating your potential employment or lead from visiting your profile and engaging you. If your headline is boring, lacking information, or completely unrelated, LinkedIn users will be less likely to interact with you. When it comes to prospecting many salespeople send connection requests and messages to prospects on LinkedIn.

If your headline isn’t catchy or generic, they’re more likely to ignore your request and messages. Here are a few pointers that are must when it comes to being the brightest penny in the bunch:

  • Clean, direct and focused language

  • No typos, accurate punctuation and strategic sentences

  • Keywords (NOT buzzwords) that would appeal to your audience

3. Focus. Focus. Focus.

Here's a tip that alone it will help you generate inbound leads, but also establish credibility with potential prospects. Let's say hypothetically you are targeting companies in Chicago, Illinois to sell your Call Center services. What should you do first? First and foremost, customize your headline to match your target market. In this case, your headline should target the decision-makers as well as deliver a message that will appeal to that group. Here are some examples that should give you a head start in creating your own headline.

  • We help businesses with their call center needs in the Chicago area

  • Are you looking to build or improve your call center? I'm working with Chicago-based companies looking to expand.

  • I help Chicago-based companies with their call center operations. Reach me at (800) 555-1212 or

These are just a few examples of targeting a niche group in a geo-targeted area. With ViewGenX, you can define your target market and create a campaign to automatically reach the people you want.

2. Take Out The Mystery

Whether someone is looking for a service just like yours or you happen to pique their interest, people tend to make quick decisions. So why not make it easier for them? Rather your profile with several ways for them to contact you.

Here's a few ideas that should help you get an appointment, call or email from your LinkedIn Profile marketing efforts:

1. No Butter Face

Some might think twice about adding one or the purpose of the online profile pictures, but before you add one, here's some key things to consider. One reason is to help other people to identify you. Another is to help you express yourself… as well as to help others to develop the right impression of you. The point is, your friends and your mom only make up a small amount of the people who may be looking for you online. And, a lot of the time, you should want people to be able to find you, especially if you're on the hunt for a job or looking to generate sales through LinkedIn.

One trick is to use the same image consistently across many sites, which helps people recognize you and build that full image of you. If a potential prospect is looking for you online and sees the same photo of you on your blog and they see you on a professional or academic site related to your field of work, it confirms that you're active in your field.

When it comes to your photo, be sure to incorporate the following so you'll get more connections and eventually more sales:

  • Clear, up close headshot

  • Bright-colored photo

  • Professional attire

  • Big confident smile

  • Semi-recent photo

These are all just the tip of the iceberg. Although it seems like a lot, but truthfully there is more. So this is why ViewGenX offers LinkedIn Profile Optimization services.

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