Generating leads from LinkedIn (+emails) has never been so easy.


From a LinkedIn search, you will build a prospect list including personal info, company data, and email addresses.

  • Search for profiles with specific characteristics on LinkedIn

  • Scrape LinkedIn profiles data: Name, Title, Current Position, Company, Bio, Education...

  • Scrape professional emails with the email discovery service included in your Plan

  • Ready-to-use scraped data in an Excel or Spreadsheet file to enrich your CRM

  • Set it on automatic and scrape up to 80 profiles per day (or 150 with a LinkedIn premium account)

Ready for immediate, sustained inbound from LinkedIn?

ViewGenX automates well-targeted profile viewing. Here’s what to expect:


  • 200-400 prospects/week will visit your LinkedIn profile

  • 20-40/week will send you a Connection Request

  • Direct Emails, phone calls and meeting requests

  • Get almost anyone's email on LinkedIn

  • Export hundreds of leads daily


IMPORTANT:  LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Premium required.

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